Twist Pink Punch Lemonade Lemon Twist


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This eliquid delivers a powerful punch of pink lemonade deliciousness, taking your vape taste buds on a sweet and flavorful ride! While no one quite understands what makes the “pink” in pink lemonade, we certainly have our theories…squeezed juice from the summer strawberry, nectar from the Floridian grapefruit, or fluid from the exotic guava. The world may never know! However, we DO know that this flavor is bursting with fruity sweetness, thanks to the pink and lemon and the sugar that all join together to deliver a Pink Punch of refreshment!  Pink Lemonade  60ML bottles   $14.99 for one bottle or get two for $25.99.  0mg, 3mg, 6mg  20% off on Twisted Tuesdays.


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